Did Ben Carson just mistake an REO for an Oreo?

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Did Ben Carson just mistake an REO for an Oreo? Secretary of Housing and Urban development ben carson appeared not to recognize a commonly known real estate term during a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

How dare we expect Ben Carson to know the difference between an REO and an OREO. He’s just a doctor. It’s not like he’s the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development or anything. https://t.co.

Perhaps this moment, in which a sitting member of the Cabinet mistakes a term purportedly within his realm of expertise for a cookie, isn’t just a mistake. Perhaps this is Ben Carson’s means of exacting revenge against a long-in-the-tooth sketch comedy institution that his boss really hates .

Housing Secretary Ben Carson exchange with House Democrat Katie Porter in which he appeared to mix up the common foreclosure term "REO" with Oreo cookies prompted so much attention on social media on Tuesday that the cabinet member has offered to send a package of the popular chocolate-cream cookies her way.

FHA is making progress on False Claims Act concerns: Carson HUD Secretary ben carson told lawmakers that overly rigid False Claims Act enforcement had forced lenders to suffer financially for what were just minor errors, but that lenders’ fears of being sued were dissipating.

PORTER: No, not an Oreo. An REO. R-E-O. CARSON: Real estate. Carson responded to reports that he did. ben carson (@secretarycarson) May 21, 2019 He also expressed his knowledge on the issue and the.

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Did Ben Carson just mistake an REO for an Oreo? Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson appeared not to recognize a commonly known real estate term during a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

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Easy mistake to make, since they are essentially homonyms, Unless of course you are the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and you are paid north of 200,000 a year to, well, at the least know the difference between an REO and a cookie, es.