Gen-X renters have significantly weaker credit profiles than homeowners

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Weak. have just revised their earlier figures, having spotted a mistake in the seasonal adjusted data. They now say that lenders approved 39,083 home loans in February, down from 39,910 in January..

Yet, most consumers surveyed now equate the American Dream with having a good job (92 percent) and owning their own home (91 percent). However, "social freedom" (89 percent) and "believing my children.

More Black Inter-Generational Wealth Destroyed Than By "Racist Loan Bankers Bearing Sub-prime Loans" – The Legacy Of "Hidden Hills Subdivision" In Dekalb County Georgia If you have been following this blog for a number of years you have no doubt heard me make reference to the community in Stone Mountain Georgia in Dekalb County where so many of.

Gen X Housing Bust . Business. MoneyTips. for a down payment and have good enough credit and income to qualify for a loan are having. influx of 3 million more renters in Generation X than.

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 · For many renters, buying is not a financial option. The median income of home buyers is $87,500 a year, while renters make, on average, $37,500.

Housing starts fell most in eight months in February U.S. housing starts decline most in eight months in February.. U.S. new-home groundbreakings fell in February by the most in eight months on a drop in single-family homes, suggesting buyers and builders remain wary despite higher wages and a drop in mortgage rates.

Homeowners must follow up with their insurance provider before making a move. If you move out and rent the home, your insurance provider can deny your claim if an accident happens during the tenancy.

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[PART 1] Screening Tenants: How to score a sample credit report Gen X homeowners have stronger credit profiles than renters. Homeowners have a median credit score of 672, compared to 586 for non-homeowners. Homeowners have a median credit score of 672, compared to 586 for non-homeowners.

While homeowners have enjoyed an increasing ratio of rooms per person, renters have been pushed into smaller units because that is what they can afford.7 7 D. Dorling, All That is Solid: How the Great Housing Disaster Defines Our Times, and What We Can Do About It , London, Penguin, 2014.