Good/Bad Housing Markets In 2014 May Be a Surprise

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It’s an axiom in real estate that housing markets are affected by the broader economy. When economic times are good, certain parts of the housing market usually see healthy growth.

Did Something Big Just Pop in the Housing Market? New Home Prices Drop to 2014 Levels!! New York City tops a new list, which may be good news or bad news depending on whether. there are 846,819 housing units, and the median sales price is $887,000. The average fair-market rent for a.

 · With prices up so much in recent years, it may surprise you to learn that “home prices in only 41 of these metros now exceed previous highs, while prices in 32 metros are still down 15 percent.

Commentary: 5 engines driving a new Roaring twenties stock market. san luis obispo, Calif. (MarketWatch) – Yes, 2014 is coming, fast, now dubbed the "Year of the Boom." Bulls roaring. hot race to the New Year. Then beyond into a booming, bullish 2014 rally. Yes, the Great Gatsby’s spirit is back in america. top billing. Let the good times roll.

Rising prices narrow home value perception gap in September Manhattan home sales slide in a market clogged with listings The value added of the. the balance of narrow money (M1) was 32.72 trillion yuan, up by 4.8 percent; and the balance of cash in circulation (M0) was 5.88 trillion yuan, a rise of 4.2 percent. At.CMBS office loans could be tougher to pay off on time as supply grows Guest Column: CMBS Loans and the Special Servicer – Resolving Defaults Mark Richardson offers advice on how CMBS borrowers can avoid the pitfalls of a note sale or foreclosure. Mar 14 2013

I have seen the good times in the early 2000s, worked through the housing crash, and the good times again. A lot of people think we are due for another housing market crash because housing prices have increased in many areas of the country. Besides prices, there are many things that drive the housing market.

So it may come as a surprise that a measure of housing sentiment has improved. That suggests the index, from mortgage liquidity provider fannie mae, may have some limitations in forecasting housing.

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The U.S. housing market is a major indicator of the strength of the economy. When the economy is strong and people are confident about the future, they are more inclined to buy houses, upgrade.

 · Even a surprise jump in the pending home sales index for February, released last week, did little to buoy home stocks. It may be early, but the building blocks of a rebound in the group could be.

Choice Act would grant QM status to portfolio mortgages The potential long term effects of the New QM Category. Advocates of expanding QM status for portfolio loans argue that any such expansion increases the availability of credit by reducing the burden on lenders, particularly smaller lenders with fewer resources to spend on regulatory compliance.A flattening yield curve is not a threat to mortgage insurers Life/annuity insurers are more effected by the yield curve since they are basing their prices/benefits on what they can earn whereas P/C insurers are only investing and not selling based on interest rates. The flat yield curve itself is not a huge problem as long as it happens gradually over time.

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